Why Northeast?

A landscape lighting professional from Northeast Irrigation will ask you a lot of questions about your lifestyle, your expectations, and your budget.

From these questions and some further discussion, one of our experts will design your lighting environment. We have found that this open dialogue makes it easier for us to better understand your requirements and can very often use one lighting technique to satisfy several objectives.

You have made a substantial investment in your home, landscaping, and property. Working with us at Northeast not only enhances that investment, but also makes your environment more enjoyable and keeps your family safe. 

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Five Reasons for Landscape Lighting

1. Beautification

The architectural features of your home, yard, and other property's will be accented making the sum of the parts greater than the whole. You have spent a great deal of money, time, and effort maintaining it's beauty - why not show it off?

2. Usability

Extend the time spent outdoors on Patios, in pools and children's play areas as they become for functional as entertainment venues or just relaxing places to unwind.

3. Safe Passage

Reduce and eliminate hazards such as steps, low-hanging or thorny vegetation, abrupt elevation changes or toys in a walkway for your family, friends and neighbors.

4. Security

Deter intruders by eliminating dark areas and shadows that would conceal movement around the property though a well-lit landscape

5. Value

Landscape lighting not only brings the property to life, it brings life to the property. Professionally installed landscape lighting provides and excellent return of investment.