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About Us

​We are regarded as industry leaders in irrigation and outdoor lighting, focused solely on delivering great customer experiences.

Smart, Agile, Imaginative

We have combined irrigation and lighting because that’s what our customers requested. We found that once their lawns were lush beautiful they wanted to enjoy them day and night! These improvements not only look great, but also increase the value of your property.

Our Approach/Methodology

We take a comprehensive approach to your property, reviewing all of the possible ways to enhance the natural features. We discuss how the system will work, the effects of the additional irrigation and lighting, and develop a plan for you.


We have seen dramatic results with respect to improved lawns, drainage, time savings (no more lugging sprinklers around the yard), and more judicious use of resources (your money, water, and electricity). Our program is safer for children and pets besides providing a more enjoyable environment; day and night.

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